Zombies 3 release date, cast and plot

Thanks to the meteorite clip at the end of “Zombies 2” and the confirmation of a trio of actors playing alien visitors, viewers can be pretty sure that some important plot points in the film will revolve around extraterrestrials. However, an arrival from outer space is not the only thing that fans can expect to see in “Zombies 3.”

According to a plot overview to Hollywood Reporter of the Disney Channel, both Zed and Addison enter their senior year at Seabrook High, giving them plenty of challenges to tackle before anyone arrives from another world. Addison helps his team prepare for their international cheer-off, while Zed pursues an athletic scholarship. If he gets it, he’s going to be the first Seabrook zombie ever to go to college. The actor who plays Zed, Milo Manheim, also told Seventeen that there is a possibility that viewers may finally meet Zed’s mother in the third film.

However, all of these plans can be thrown into disarray when the three aliens, A-Spen, A-Li and A-Lan, arrive. Hopefully zombies, aliens, werewolves and humans can come to some kind of understanding, perhaps through a climactic dance number, but it is simply too early to speculate on these plot points.

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