You can stream all college football games without restriction using a VPN

For as far back as we have known college football, it has never been dull. This season is yet another testament to that fact.

Just when we thought everyone had used up their juice in the regular season, they came into the Bowl Season blazing hot. Auburn showed real character and resilience in beating Purdue by an almost 50-point margin. In the Belk Bowl, Virginia took all the points home and made sure South California got none.

As we approach the final game between Auburn and California, here is a guide to making sure you never miss any game in between.

Common Viewing Problems

Over time, there has been a variety of serious issues which partially or totally restricts the access of fans from all over the world to accessing college football. One of the common issues is the unique case of cable TV.

On the one hand, this is a service that many have found too expensive for comfort. When you get a subscription, you will be paying for the sports channels and every other channel in between. That drives up the price for people who are not even interested in many of the other channels.

No matter how much you pay, though, you would still be a victim of game blackouts when the match is to be played in your region.

Following up the issue of cable is its limitation to the US only. Since college football will only be aired on select channels broadcasting within the States, fans and lovers of the game in other countries can kiss access goodbye.

Afterall, the content has not been created for their regions and won’t be allowed to stream to them.

The amazing thing is that multiple streaming services came up to break the monopoly of cable on sports content such as NCAA college football. The sad part is that even though they offer cheaper alternatives, they are still prone to the geo-blocking and game blackouts that is characterized with cable TV.

Until you use a VPN, that is.

Fixing the problems with a VPN

A VPN is not a tool used by those who are looking to hack government agencies or do something on the dark web. The media might have made it look so, but it is not.

Functioning as a medium which puts your internet traffic through secure servers placed in different parts of the world, a VPN can be for anyone. In this case, it works well for you as a sports lover.

If you find yourself outside of the US while the games are on, you just have to:

  • Launch your VPN/ Get a VPN from a reputable vendor
  • Connect to a server location within the US (this makes your computer show up like you were in the US too, granting you access to the games)
  • Sign up with/ login to a choice streaming platform (there are the likes of YouTube TV, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue to choose from)
  • Stream the games whenever they are being played, and live too!

To stream college football games without blackouts, those within the US should:

  • Start up their VPN
  • Connect to a US server location different from theirs (if the game is blacked out, it’s because such a game is playing in your locality)
  • Enter your streaming platform with valid credentials
  • Stream the games without hassles.

Note: For those outside the US, ensure you connect to a server location different from where the games will be played too. That will also help you escape the blackouts.