Wolfsburg disqualified from German cup second round

Berlin, August 17 (IANS) Wolfsburg have been disqualified from the German Cup after spending too many substitutions against fourth division outfit Prussia Munster, the German FA sports field announced.

Munster appealed their 3-1 loss in extra time to Wolfsburg and were declared the winners of the first round showdown. On Monday, the sports field decided the meeting as a 2-0 victory for Prussia.

“The clubs are responsible for their replacements. One of their basic tasks is to inform about the possibilities of substitution and act accordingly, “said Stephan Oberholz, vice-president of the German FA sports court. “Wolfsburg violated this duty and therefore ruthlessly and evasively made a major mistake with its illegal sixth substitution,” Oberholz said.

The ‘wolves’ now have 24 hours to appeal the decision from the sports field and will do so, Xinhua reports.

“We are disappointed and would have preferred a different outcome than the trial. We disagree with the verdict and will now investigate remedies, “said Wolfsburg CEO Tim Schumacher.

“We know it’s a bitter decision to decide a game differently than it ended up on the pitch,” Oberholz added.

The matches in the second round of the German Cup will be drawn on 29 August.



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