Will there be a jungle cruise 2?

At the time of this writing, the press for “Jungle Cruise” is in full swing with the lead roles Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson with in everything from trailers to interviews. Their natural chemistry in front of and away from cameras has not only lent itself to the film’s marketing campaign, but it has led the “Black Adam” star to cast Blunt in a currently unnamed project, which he is ready to produce and welcome her in his tight-knit circle of collaborators. He even told The Hollywood Reporter (via Screen Rant) that “Not only is she a huge movie star, but more importantly, truly the most empathetic person I have ever met.”

Aside from asking Emily Blunt for well-deserved praise, Dwayne Johnson also noted that there have been general discussions about a “Jungle Cruise 2,” but he gave no details. Given how well the two actors get along when they are in the same room, and assuming both characters survive the first film, one could assume that Lily Houghton and Frank Wolff will reunite along the way. Of course, this is entirely dependent on whether “Jungle Cruise” performs well in the box office – leaving a surplus on its budget of over $ 200 million – and leaving both critics and moviegoers happy when the credits roll.

All in all, Disney is clearly hoping to do more with the “Jungle Cruise” property than a single installment. If and when they will be able to do so, however, there are questions that only time can answer.

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