Will There Be A Big Trouble In Little China 2?

As is the case with most cinematic classics, talks concerning a sequel to “Big Trouble in Little China” have arisen, most notably in 2015. It was reported that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had his sights set on a remake of the 1986 feature through his studio, Seven Bucks Productions, with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz hired as screenwriters (via MovieWeb). Naturally, the internet didn’t hold back its collective angst over the proposal, with many voicing their disapproval of Johnson becoming the new Jack Burton and replacing Kurt Russell in his iconic role.

Thankfully, fans across the globe breathed a little easier a few years later when the news broke that Johnson’s “Big Trouble” movie wasn’t a reboot at all. According to Hiram Garcia — Seven Bucks Productions’ President — the project was being developed as a proper sequel, and they didn’t intend to replace Russell. At any rate, this announcement came in August of 2018, and we’ve received no further updates nor a release timetable. Therefore, much like the one that was proposed before it, this attempt at “Big Trouble in Little China 2” may never see the light of day.

Could another “Big Trouble in Little China” come to pass? Perhaps, but will it do so within the next few years? Not likely. All we can do is hope that Dwayne Johnson’s try will get off the ground soon, or someone else will step up and take a crack at it instead. 

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