Will Black Widow set up the winter garden in MCU?

Of course, every word that comes out of the mouth of a Marvel star is being used for meaning these days. So in one YouTube interview With ComicBook.com released today, there were plenty of clues to be had. “The fun thing about it all is that we go back and we build this structure up to something new,” Harbor told the publication. “There’s all this new content … with a lot of information in the film moving forward with these other projects that are the new phase, and also you get to introduce these new characters.” He noted that he and “Black Widow” director Cate Shortland had wondered where his character, Alexei Shostakov, would end up, but stressed that he has no official information at this time.

Asked if he had fantasized about or thought about seeing more of the MCU Winter Garden, Harbor replied, “I think if you watch the movie closely, you know, I think you can find some things in there … I like this mirrored universe that these guys created.Because we’ve seen Avengers and what they can do … and there are almost direct parallels in this winter guard to each of these characters.Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk.And I want to see what a mirrored universe would look like that way and how it would work in this larger phase. “

There are clearly no spoilers, but Harbor has apparently done his research on the Russian Avengers and has expressed interest in seeing the Marvel property come to life.

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