Why Varnay From The Ice Road Looks So Familiar

Benjamin Walker made his Marvel debut in Netflix’s “Jessica Jones,” which starred Krysten Ritter as the titular jaded, super-powered private detective. Walker joined the show in the third and final season to portray Erik Gelden, a man with enhanced empathic abilities that allows him to detect evil. 

The version of Erik in “Jessica Jones” is slightly different from the original comic book character, who was known as Mind-Wave, had mental abilities like telepathy, and was considered a villain. In the Netflix series, Erik initially uses his abilities to blackmail wrongdoers for money but eventually comes an ally and potential love interest for Jessica, as his ability to sense darkness in people is a unique and beneficial tool. However, after Jessica’s friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) begins using Erik’s powers to track down criminals to kill them, it’s up to Jessica to stop her. 

The last fans saw of Erik, the police were approaching him with an offer to use his powers to assist them. Unfortunately, since Netflix pulled the plug on “Jessica Jones,” we may never find out what ended up happening to Erik.

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