Why Ubisoft Not Releasing Another Rayman Game

When you look at Ubisoft’s plans for the next generation, “Rayman” does not seem to fit into that equation, and apparently there’s a reason for it. Going back to one 2018 interview with Game Informer, Serge Hascoet, then Chief Creative Officer for Ubisoft, revealed why the company has shifted its focus to games for older audiences.

According to Hascoet, “when we make ‘Rayman’ or games like that, we do not sell as much as ‘Assassin’s Creed.'” He went on to explain that “the team wants to be successful and sell millions, and we have more success with the more adult classified titles. “

While adding that Ubisoft is still making games for the youth demographic, “Rayman” has been obscured by the breakout success of its spin-off “Rabbids” franchise. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that everyone likes “Rabbids” more than “Rayman.” Writes for SwitchWatch, Chris Penwell expressed frustration over the previous series, which gained popularity over the latter.

“Rayman” has certainly its fans, but there is apparently not enough to encourage Ubisoft to invest in the development of new games in the franchise.

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