Why Planetina From Rick And Morty Season 5, Episode 3 Sounds So Familiar

Fans of “Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon’s previous success story, “Community,” may have immediately realized that Planetina is voiced by actress Alison Brie, who stars as Annie Edison in the show. Brie is, of course, an extremely accomplished performer, whose roles range from the struggling actress-turned-wrestling heel Ruth Wilder in Netflix’s “GLOW” to Pete Campbell’s (Vincent Kartheiser) long-suffering (and eventually former) wife, Trudy, in AMC’s period drama “Mad Men.” As it happens, she’s also a seasoned voice actress, whom you may very well remember as Diane Nguyen in Netflix’s “Bojack Horseman,” or as Unikitty in “Lego Movie” and its sequel. 

Brie’s ability to vocalize emotions ranging from deep frailty to unbridled rage with equal gusto — and, if necessary, within the span of a single sentence — makes her the perfect choice to voice the volatile Planetina. What’s more, she has a previous working relationship with Harmon, and has demonstrated willingness to commit to a voice role for a lengthy period. Knowing this, it’s perfectly possible that Planetina’s evolution from a one-note Captain Planet parody to a fully realized, dangerous character might continue in the future.

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