Why Luke Alvez And Penelope Garcia Always Seemed To Clash On Criminal Minds

Luke Alvez joined the “Criminal Minds” team at the beginning of Season 12, following the departure of Agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), who left the BAU to spend time with his newborn son. Morgan and Garcia always had a very close (and often flirtatious) relationship, so his departure from the team understandably upset Garcia. Speaking with Parade magazine, Kirsten Vangsness discussed her character’s response to Morgan’s absence, saying, “She came into this season sad, like anyone, who has something they really look forward to at their job and then that thing is gone. There’s nothing to replace him. He’s irreplaceable.” 

It seems Garcia took some of that sadness out on Alvez. “I can tell you right now, she doesn’t want to like him,” Vangsness added. “It’s also because he’s a new person and he’s confident, and it is a different energy, and she doesn’t know what to make of him.”

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