Why Father Louis from the seventh day looks so familiar

The study group on “Community” underwent almost as many changes as the showrunner position behind the scenes. As the series continued, some of the main cast members dropped out, necessitating some new blood. For season 6, that meant the introduction of Elroy Patashnik (David), a VR expert who joins the Save Greendale committee.

However, Elroy was not the only part Keith David had in his time on the NBC sitcom. He gives his voice to the role of the narrator in season 3’s “Pillows and Blankets,” which parodies a Ken Burns Civil War documentary format to capture the carnage after an all-out pillow fight ensues on campus.

This would not be the last time David borrowed his legendary voice for a Dan Harmon project. “Rick and Morty” fans will undoubtedly recognize him from playing the President of the United States in the site for adult swimmers. Keith David continues to be one of the hard-working actors today, and whether he scares viewers or makes them laugh, his presence in a project is always a welcome treat.

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