Why F9 Star Nathalie Emmanuel Is Now A Full Member Of The Team

Ramsey is now a full-fledged member of the team, with three “Fast and Furious” movies to her name. What thoughts did you have before doing this about how you want to see your character evolve?

I’m always up for seeing new sides to my character. But I kind of objected to this idea that, because she hadn’t driven before, she wasn’t a full member of the team. She absolutely has and has had a very important role and a very valued skill set in this team.

But yes, obviously she’s got to take part in the driving element. These are movies about cars. I guess she cemented her place in a way that she hadn’t before, which I was really, really happy to see and it was just so fun to do. In terms of my input in that, I think I was hoping to see her do some more action and the writers and Justin were like, “Here you go.”

In terms of doing the driving and the action in these films, how far are you able and willing to go with the stunts yourself before you’re either told that you have to hand it off or you want to hand it off?

Well, in terms of the driving, we have the professional stunt performers that do that anyway just for safety. But in terms of other things, I am open to trying anything. If someone shows me and demonstrates and I can try out and feel it out, I’m kind of up for most things. But if I feel really unsafe or it’s a particular kind of phobia or something, if I can’t seem to overcome that, then I’m actually more than happy for the stunt team to do their thing.

That’s why we have them and they make me look cooler and more able than I am anyway. So I’m more than happy for them to do that. I generally am keen to try and keen to have a go at anything as long as I feel prepared enough and supported enough, which I always do. There are always going to be things that are kind of outside of my abilities, which can’t be helped.

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