Why Dave from the A-list looks so familiar

Showtime’s “Shameless” follows in the great tradition of American shows re-recording British series. The original “Shameless” aired on Channel 4 from 2004 to 2013. The situations may be a little different, but it still follows the Gallagher family, made up of working-class individuals just trying to create a comfortable life for themselves in Manchester. The British version also makes good use of dark humor to make the struggle of the working class go down more easily, and “Shameless” exemplifies this in season 7’s “Gunshot”.

The plot focuses on the Maguire family preparing to christen Connor baby, but Kelly (Sally Carman), a prostitute, changes at the last minute, much to the surprise of father Ryan (Cian Barry). She believes she does not need to baptize her son and she can teach him to be a good person without trusting religion.

It’s a small role, but if you want to see one of Barry’s earliest performances, you can check out the entire British “Shameless” series on Hulu.

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