Why Aurora From Maleficent Looks So Familiar

While it might take viewers a few minutes to place the name with the then-5-year-old girl’s face, there’s no mistaking the platinum blonde hair of Elle Fanning, whose first major big-screen role came opposite Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, and Steve Zahn in the 2003 comedy smash “Daddy Day Care.”¬†

By the time Fanning did the film, though, she already had ample exposure to Hollywood in the critically acclaimed family drama “I Am Sam,” playing the 2-year-old version of Sam’s (Sean Penn) daughter, Lucy. The casting decision was a no-brainer, though, given that the version of Lucy as a 7-year-old was played by big sister Dakota, who is four years older than Elle in real life. In perhaps a bit of foreshadowing, “I Am Sam” also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, who, 16 years later would go on to star opposite Fanning in “Maleficent:¬†Mistress of Evil.”

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