Why Aaron Hotchner And Erin Strauss Always Seemed To Clash On Criminal Minds

Erin Strauss, though a higher rank than anyone on the BAU team, has little field experience, working most of her career in administration. This often leads to clashing, as Agent Hotchner, who led the BAU squad, often feels Strauss doesn’t understand what the team goes through while out on cases. At one point, Strauss even enlists¬†Agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) to spy on the team on her behalf, though Prentiss eventually forfeits that role out of loyalty to her team.¬†

Eventually, Strauss gains a different perspective after joining the BAU on the field in Season 3, Episode 2. The episode, which also marks the departure of Agent Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), is the first time Strauss really sees what the agents go through on assignment, and she begins to treat them with more respect and grace.

Strauss ultimately becomes a friend of the team, attending JJ and Will’s wedding and entering a romantic relationship with Agent Rossi (Joe Mantenga). Sadly, though, at the end of Season 8, she becomes one of the many agents targeted by an unsub and is poisoned to death. The team, including Hotchner, mourns her greatly, demonstrating just how much her relationship with the squad changes over the course of the series. Through Strauss and Hotchner may have not been friends at the beginning, we’re glad they were eventually able to start seeing eye-to-eye.

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