Who is mason Amy from LEGO Masters?

Mason Amy certainly knows his way around a LEGO set – according to Brothers Brickin real life, she’s Amy Corbett, Senior Design Manager and Product Manager at LEGO Group. After working with engineers without boarders to help farmers process their own coffee crops in 2011 (via TV Overmind), she joined the LEGO Group as a manager and has worked with the company for over seven years. She has a background in product design engineering, according to an interview with Decide.

Among Amy’s tasks at LEGO is to help the company design product lines; she worked on the LEGO Friends line and did some concept level on “LEGO Movie Part 2: The Second Part.” She also worked on the LEGO Disney line and is currently working on Dots, LEGO’s arts and crafts line that lets kids make objects like bracelets and picture frames.

“As soon as I saw it was on TV, I was like, I’ll do this if there comes an opportunity. It’s just so amazing to see people outside of LEGO and their passion for the bricks and the amazing creations, they can make, “Amy Decider told about watching the British version of the show and wants to be in the US version of the series. When her bosses brought her name up to the role, she said yes, making her a national face for the brand. Not a bad deal for someone who just wanted to make some toys.

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