Where’s the Mercedes Cephas from my 600 Lb life now?

Mercedes Cephas wanted easy solutions during his time on “My 600-lb Life.” Although Dr. Now refusing to proceed with the operation after failing to lose enough, she persevered and launched a GoFundMe to try to raise the money to pay for themselves. Unfortunately, she dropped drastically below her goal, raising only $ 175 out of a $ 10,000 goal.

While most of the information is no longer available on the site, Monsters and critics offers this excerpt from the pitch she made on her website: “I’m just as tired of not being an ordinary mother as not being able to take my kids to the park or just having family time with them or taking them out or going to school games or parent-teacher conferences or just check them out at school. “

Outside of that, it’s hard to tell what Cephas is up to these days. She has Facebook and Instagram profiles, but she is not very active. Her last post on Facebook was in July 2020, when she updated her profile picture. As a result, it is impossible to say whether she turned on Dr. Now’s advice, or whether she’s still found excuses to avoid eating healthier.

Hopefully there will be more updates soon.

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