When Director Ken Ghosh wanted to do something about armed forces

Film producer Ken Ghosh, who has directed the new web movie “State Of Siege: Temple Attack”, says he has always wanted to do something about the armed forces.

“State of Siege: Temple Attack” depicts how a terrorist attack at Akshardham Temple on September 24, 2002 cost over 30 lives and left 80 wounded. The National Security Guard (NSG) arrived at the scene, killed the terrorists and ended the siege.

Ghosh said, “I have always wanted to do something about our armed forces. I myself am a World War II student, I have studied the events surrounding World War II, and War is my favorite genre. So for me any chance to shoot action and with the story of an armed force, I would jump on it. Being the son of a naval officer you can say that in a way it is a dream come true for me. ”

The film marks the digital debut of Bollywood actress Akshaye Khanna. “State of Siege: Temple Attack” is expected to be released on Zee5 on July 9th.

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