What to see while you wait for Boss Baby: Family Business

Spoilers in front of “The Boss Baby: Back in Business.”

The Boss Baby: Back in Business“is a Netflix series that fills the narrative gap between” The Boss Baby “and” The Boss Baby: Family Business. “In it, Ted and Tim Templeton embark on a four-season adventure involving family bondage, the torture of the marketing world and the reality of growing up, not to mention the oppressive sweetness of old people, dogs and cats.

The first season features a war between kittens and babies; the other between babies and old people (Baby Corp. invents a stink-free spray to try to capture 100% of humanity’s love in response). Third, Boss Baby deals with being fired due to the fact that Baby Corp. believes he has become a responsibility and the reason their company has so many enemies. Trying to fit into a regular everyday baby world, he ends up being called back into action to defend babies against a product that makes them unhappy.

Most importantly, in the fourth season, in which Ted has risen to the position of CEO of Baby Corp., he fights three different enemies before realizing that his lack of growth has worried his parents. He retires as CEO, promotes Staci to his position, and then drinks a formula that turns him back into a regular baby so he can finish growing up.

For young fans of the franchise, this packs enough action and humor to overwhelm them into Ted and Tim’s further adventures – in the adult world – in “The Boss Baby: Family Business.”

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