What these statistics mean for the future of PlayStation

Women in games have basically been a controversy since games existed. However, Sony showed some statistics that show that its efforts to market to women are working. The proportion of women who reported owning a PlayStation rose from 18% in the PlayStation 1 era to 41% for the current console generation. Women now make up almost half of the player base, suggesting a growing interest in gaming. In line with this, the company has made an effort to release several games featuring realistic and complex female protagonists, including Ellie from “The last of us, “Rivet from” Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, “and Aloy from” Horizon: Forbidden West. “

In March 2021 Forbes reported that women now exceed men as players. However, the kind of game they play and the reasons why they play differ from their male counterparts. According to research, more women play mobile games than men, both play about the same time on PC games, and men surpass women significantly in the console category.

So while the stereotype of mothers playing “Candy Crush” may be more true than not, historically male-dominated gameplay is also seeing an increase in women.

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