What really drove criminals, Hitman Colin Bramwell thinks of a life in crime

A total of seven random people were killed in an attempt to cover up Emerson and Schroeder, who were promised the safety of their family if they revealed information leading to Maya’s whereabouts. The plan then was for Bramwell to issue Maya’s shelter until he got a clear shot, but a strategy to pay attention to his mission returned and led to his own death.

On the way to Maya’s location, BAU puts the pieces together and in a short but important discussion about a sniper. Chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) tells the team about “fantasy integration”, a strategy that snipers use to stay on target for up to 72 hours at a time, with snipers creating a fantasy that involves both themselves and their goal of being mindful. Rossi gives the example of “building a car together”, but Bramwell’s fantasy that he is the Maya’s protector becomes romantic – and ultimately causes his death.

When Maya can no longer be cooperated in her apartment hiding place, she goes out on her balcony and unknowingly gives Bramwell a shot – and with his accuracy, her death seems imminent. But the romance that Bramwell had imagined between sniper and target made him hesitate for a moment. Hotch takes full advantage of this by cutting Hi m inside from the Mayan apartment. There was no last word for this killer.

So what drove Colin Bramwell to a criminal life? Being a hired hitman is definitely the money – though it’s not as if he will be able to collect payment for this last job.

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