What Really Drove Criminal Minds Hitman John Bradley To A Life Of Crime

The episode’s climax is a tense moment when it’s unclear who will get to Morgan first: the man trying to kill him (John Bradley), or the BAU, desperate to save him. Bradley comes in dramatically, with a British accent, and taunts him while they scuffle. But before he gets a killing blow in, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) appears and shoots him.

It’s just before this that we get a rundown of Bradley’s history: He served in England’s military for a while, as part of the Royal Marines, before applying to be a part of the British Army‘s elite special forces unit called the Special Air Service. The SAS, symbolized by the winged knife the kidnappers had tattoos of, deals in things like counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, but is very secretive. Bradley, it turns out, was rejected from the SAS and then dishonorably discharged from the Marines, for an unknown reason. Between then and the tense episode in Season 11, Bradley became a freelance contractor — not for fixing sinks or retiling bathrooms but for crimes.

Garcia remarks that no one in the SAS has the SAS sigil and motto — “Who dares wins” — tattooed on them because their enlistment is classified, but people dishonorably discharged from the Royal Marines do get it inked. This, combined with Bradley’s turn toward kidnapping and torture, suggests he has some lingering resentment toward the British Army over his rejection and expulsion. It’s never fully explained why he took the job from Chazz Montolo to target Morgan, but it seems he had a set of specialized skills, a disagreeable attitude, and a sudden bout of unemployment that lent themselves perfectly to a life of crime.

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