What it was like to finish the back of the trilogy of the future

“Back to the Future Part III” was shot in many places in the Southwest, from open countries to standard movie sets on the Universal Party. But one place that was not manufactured that was not a large open country with long lines of sight or a closed study lot was the McFly residence.

At the end of the film, Marty returns to his house in 1985 Hill Valley still wearing his poncho. Marty just lost Delorean to a train and runs home to find Jennifer and his family back home, now returning to the reality that ended “Back to the Future” after the disturbing events in “Back to the Future II.”

While filming this, one of the last scenes, an unidentified neighbor got some amateurs camcorder recordings of cast members and crew members hanging out, filming, turning off. It’s a pretty neat cinema verity that shows not only how many people worked on this, but also how much Michael J. Fox himself really seemed to enjoy it. Fox at one point even takes a still camera and takes pictures of the cast and crew.

One thing is clear from the footage: Fox really seemed to love shooting “Back to the Future III”.

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