What is the Karaoke song Jerry sings in Rick And Morty season 5 episode 5?

In a recent episode of the YouTube series Great great story, the band’s composer and vocalist (Boris Blank and Dieter Meier, respectively) revealed the inspiration behind a song that almost forty years later still evokes images of the righteous red Ferrari, so integrated into Matthew Broderick’s meteoric rise in the mid to late 80s. ‘erne. This song is called (quite simply and appropriately) Oh Yeah, and was first released by the duo in 1985 as a single on the studio album “Stella”.

In the video, Blank says he started with a “funky bass” before adding some “drum patterns” and “voice percussion” (which listeners hear as the earworm-worthy “chicka-chick-ahh” and “doo-bow-bow” “) , but when he shared the oddball track with Meier, the singer was less than receptive: “I did not like it at all,” he says (via the Great Big Story), it was only when Blank asked him to imagine himself as “the king”. of Tonga “that something clicked and music history was made. Blank quotes Meier to say:” You are the king of Tonga, the sun is going down, some people bring you the perfect big drink … and in this situation, what would you say? “Of course, we all now know what Meier’s answer to this was: a contented, era-defining” Ohhh yeaaaaah “(via the Great Big Story).

It’s the kind of deliberately over-the-top, exaggerated 80s understanding of “cool” that is just a little too nuanced for a guy like poor Jerry to pull out. (Which, of course, is exactly why both the audience and the hell demons both find his pathetic attempt to make it just too darn delicious to resist.)

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