What if …? Theories that have wonderful fans who lose their cool

interestingly, Spider-Man may not be who we think he is all along. A quick picture in the original trailer has been linked to fans on Twitter like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker – but with an arrowhead that makes him look more like Hawkeye. This particular revelation is still being discussed as people are not really sure that it is Spidey in the picture from the side of a train. As and fan speculated, it could just be an animated version of Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye.

Steve Rogers, who took over the role of Iron Man, could also make him the one who brings the Avengers together and guides Spider-Man, which would not be a huge stretch in a parallel universe. But then there was a leaked Lego release from April that showed off some new mini-characters from the upcoming Marvel series. The list included a new character called “Spider-Man (Steve Rogers)” (via Inside the Magic), which is enough to make us tear our hair out and try to understand exactly what’s going on here in “What if …?” Multiverse.

Confused yet? While the above stories about Killmonger and T’Challa could all be part of a single episode, none of these other things should happen in the same timeline, as this is an anthology series. There is no cause and effect necessary for all these situations to happen in “What if …?” Feige has clearly stated that Boseman expressed more than one episode of the show, so T’Challa could very well appear in a number of them. While the trailers certainly provide some tempting tips for what’s to come, fans will currently melt down about the changes in Multiverse (including us) not knowing the truth until the show begins airing on August 11th.

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