What a signed presidential cabinet card was worth to peasant stars

Lutz compared the inked signature on the map to Harrison’s confirmed signature and found it to be authentic. But since the image was not a first generation, but rather a photo of the original photo that had been reprinted, it would be worth a little less than it otherwise would have been. But it was still very valuable. According to Lutz, the retail value of the signed Benjamin Harrison cabinet card was around $ 1250.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Carol, placing her hand to her chest. Rick and Corey Harrison looked at Stuart as “come on, man, why are you making us like this?” Stuart only appeared in season 8, and that deal is probably why. “$ 500, no problem,” Rick said to Carol, jokingly shooting her. “Can you go a little higher?” she asked, making Rick laugh.

He said the best he could do was $ 700. However, Carol was persistent and countered with $ 800. He would not go for it because he had to put it in a frame and all. But when she asked him for $ 750, he gave in. Carol managed to get Rick Harrison to pay more than she originally wanted, which does not happen very often. Good for her!

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