Vision’s special looking video has everyone buzzing

An behind the scenes featurette for “Star Wars: Visions” arrived Star Wars YouTube channel on July 3, 2021 and had quite a lot to say. The three-minute clip centers on animators and directors working on and discussing their specific narratives and describing what the show hopes to achieve. We also get a list of episodes, they are “The Elder”, “The Village Bride”, “Tatooine Rhapsody”, “Lop & Ochō”, “T0-B1”, “The Ninth Jedi”, “The Twins”, ” The duel “and” Akakiri “accompanied by the Disney + release date September 2021 – giving the YouTube comment section plenty to discuss.

“My face just has a wide smile that soon does not fade,” wrote Voidsaber, who was far from alone in their enthusiasm for “Visions.” YouTube user Zazi used a quote from “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, “It’s like poetry: it rhymes” and added: “For me, there’s something completely calm about Star Wars that takes a dive back. in what first inspired the creation. Not necessarily the anime mind, but the Japanese culture. My respect! “UncertainDrag0n Studios called in and commented,” Star Wars anime is something I did not know I needed until now. “

Moving the conversation from YouTube to Twitter, the “Star Wars” tab base that seems just as excited to check out “Visions”. “I’m just so excited about Star Wars visions, it looks incredible,” he tweeted @herahsokasand @ABYudiputra posted, “OK Star Wars Visions looks pretty cool. Star Wars anime anthology with Studio Trigger & Production IG ???? I’m in !!!” “as not a hardcore sw fan I can just say that visions look absolutely incredible and the creativity behind it is so amazing, probably one of the only star wars media I am actually very excited about,” said @BITEPISCES, reinforces how massively appealing “Visions” really are.

Overall, if you’re a “Star Wars” die-hard, an anime binger who appreciates the eye-catching animation, or a combination of the three, “Star Wars: Visions” is worth more than your time.

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