Virgin River season 4 release date, cast and plot

The Season 3 finale of “Virgin River” left fans with plenty of cliffhangers to think about between the seasons. The one arc eager fans would like to return to is Mel and Jack, whose future is still in jeopardy. After firing on all cylinders as a couple most of the season, Mel and Jack fell apart when Mel expressed his desire to have a baby with Jack, whose response to Mel’s honesty was to break it off because he felt overwhelmed by the implications of her access. Broken, Mel went to a fertility doctor while she was on break with Jack to investigate the possibility of having a child alone. At the end of the season, Mel and Jack began the process of reconciling, and just as Jack was about to propose, Mel revealed that she was pregnant but was unsure if he was a father.

Other important plot lines that we can expect to see play out in season 4 include: if Hope wants to survive the complications resulting from the nearly fatal car accident she was in when she drove home to the Virgin River; how Preacher finds the young Christopher after Christopher’s uncle may have kidnapped him; if Dan is able to prove his innocence to the authorities after he is framed for shooting Jack (a shocking event from the end of season 2) by a local criminal boss; and if Ricky really leaves his girlfriend, Lizzie, in the Virgin River and sends out to join the Marines.

There are plenty of stories to tell about “Virgin River”, so we’ll keep you updated with all the news regarding Netflix’s decision to renew it for season 4.

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