Vikram Bhatt makes his radio debut with ‘The Audio Film Project’

Mumbai, July 19 (IANS) Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has gone on the radio with “The Audio Film Project”, which goes live on July 26.

Vikram said: “The most sinister thing in the world is the darkness that lurks inside a raw human mind. I can now transport the audience to an eerie and ominous land with the power of sound. The horror genre is very dear to me. As a storyteller, bringing cinematic horror to an audio platform is both a challenge and an adventure.

“This is a very different space I step into. I look forward to heralding my listeners through a roller coaster of emotions and making them experience horror and excitement like never before! ”

The audio film collection will see Bhatt tell stories that promise to be fun on the edge of the seat.

With six chapters, this also marks the first time a Bollywood director has shown a selection of stories on radio.

“Now we bring you ‘The Audio Film Project’ with one of the skilled in the Hindi film industry, Vikram Bhatt. He has built a legacy of horror and thriller films, and our listeners possess a lot of exciting and shocking cooling of content, ”said Nisha Narayanan, Director and COO, RED FM and Magic FM.

“The Audio Film Project” is brought by Bhatt in collaboration with Red FM.


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