Vighnesh Pande reveals why he chose meandering as a career

Mumbai, July 3 (IANS) Actor and host Vighnesh Pandey, who is currently seen as hosting the show “The Happy Hour”, has also marked herself as a meander. He says bay formation was not his first career choice.

Vighnesh, whose female puppet Anna is quite popular, reveals that his journey started as a replacement for toddler trolls for his father.

“I only decided to take the plunge as a hobby in my first year of college, and back then I was not that big a fan of show business. My dad and my brother are pants and we had been through a lot of ups and downs in life, I have always wanted to make a stable career. Despite this, I decided to give meandering words. My first paid show was a flop show, I went as my dad’s replacement and came back disappointed. I thought the profession was not for me, ”Vighnesh tells IANS.

The actor adds: “I had almost decided to stop pursuing this art until my dad got a call from the same event planner whose show had flopped and asked if I was available for another show. He said the show was a hit and the audience loved watching me! This is how my journey with bay language began. ”

Vighnesh reveals that the idea of ​​Anna as his puppet arose because he wanted a female character who could talk about topics in a bright way.

“When many women’s related questions came to light, that was when Anna, the female character, was born. Initially, my organizers or clients suggested not putting her on stage, but I was eager to have a female character who would talk about relevant topics and not shy away from them. I made videos with her online and before I knew it she was famous. Ever since, the journey has not been tough. People love Anna and Vighnesh’s arguments, and I owe her a lot. As they say, behind every successful man there is a woman! He sums up in a witty tone.

His show “The Happy Hour” airs on Zee TV.


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