Urban Dictionary is popular – here’s why I Tech

A new hype has caused all the social media to move on to the Urban Dictionary and search for their names. If you have not jumped on the bandwagon, prepare to be entertained.

While some of the results in the Urban Dictionary are not free, mentioning definitions brings fun and humor. Some of the results are surprisingly funny, but some of them also match some of the reader’s personalities. It seems realistic to some, making the reader entertained.

Aaron Peckham founded Urban Dictionary in 1999 as a slang dictionary. After a few years, the website has grown to contain meanings and definitions of almost everything. Unlike other definition sources, the results are records uploaded by Internet users.

While the popularity graced the social media giants Twitter and Instagram, it was no surprise that social media users flocked to the page, searching for their names on the Urban Dictionary. The honesty of some of the definitions from flattery to a funny form of subtle criticism.

But Urban Dictionary also provides definitions of all kinds like politics, video games and many more. For example, the Netflix show “Bridgerton” has a definition of “Basically Gossip Girl based 300 years ago.”


As users explore, names also have both scientific and random definitions on the Urban Dictionary. According to the website, the name David means “The greatest man you will ever have the privilege of knowing”. Other user-defined definitions of David are “the most charismatic person you will ever meet,” and “the epitome of a gentleman.”

While the list of definitions goes a long way, thousands of users shared their results on Twitter. A user named Samantha posted a screenshot of her name definition describing her name as “a very exotic type of woman”. She wrote: “But who wrote this? I need to know why they exposed me.”

While many people were entertained with their name definitions, others said most of the posts are positive or repeatedly say things.

In addition, some others criticize the trend and those who shared their screenshots. Someone even tweeted, “I promise you we do not care what your name means on the Urban Dictionary.”

To get into the trend and check your name definition, simply visit Urban Dictionary’s website.

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