UP cinemas refuse to reopen among restrictions

Lucknow, July 9 (IANS) Cinemas and multiplexes will not reopen in the state, although the Uttar Pradesh government has allowed them to reopen from July 5.

The UP Cinema Exhibitors Federation had previously said that cinemas and multiplexes would reopen from July 9, but the decision has now been changed.

Federal President Ashish Agarwal said: “It is useless to reopen cinemas – single screen and multiplexes – from Friday because the weekend closing on Saturday and Sunday continues. Most families watch movies on the weekends because it is a holiday for everyone. In addition, curfews, which start at 21 that we can not run evening exhibitions. In such a situation, there is no point in reopening halls to empty shows. ”

Cinema and multiplex owners want the state government to reject curfews and also curfews, as cases about Covid are now insignificant.

The association said that unless restrictions are removed, they would not want to reopen theaters.

Meanwhile, a multiplex manager in Lucknow said, “In any case, there are no new films coming out at the moment, so the business is going to be low. These restrictions will make it easier for the business. Unless cinemas are allowed to run through the week, the new films will not be released. After all, who wants to release movies on 20 percent business. ”


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