Uninvited guests are trying to join the Indian team, taken by security

London, 14 August (IANS) Before the start of the second session on the third day of the Test between England and India at Lord’s, a funny incident happened when an uninvited guest tried to join the team in the field.

A British man in cricket white and wearing an Indian test jersey went out on the pitch to join the Indian team after lunch. The man with ‘Jarvo 69’ on the jersey was stopped by security personnel as he entered the field.

When stopped, the man points to the sponsor’s logo followed by the BCCI logo on his shirt. He looks away to get the ball, but another security guard in a blue jacket arrives to take the intruder.

Ubuden is undisturbed and claps for the ball must be given to him.

Within seconds, more security personnel join in blue and take uninvited guests off the field. The whole incident left the Indian team, especially Mohammad Siraj in splits.

As the 18-second video clip went viral, social media had a good time going over the ‘new player’ on the Indian team.

“England would have been completely out of 250 if Jarvo 69 had been allowed to operate from Pavilion End, change me,” said a fan of England.

“Jarvo 69 volunteered to pick up some wickets,” wrote one Indian fan.

“Another new Indian player made his debut at Lords today and his name is Jarvo with jersey No. 69,” commented another Indian fan.


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