Twitter is melting down over succession season 3 Teaser

It did not take long before the trailer for “Succession” season 3 absolutely exploded Twitter after the premiere Tuesday afternoon. Within the first two hours, the Season 3 teaser trailer for the “Succession” Twitter account received thousands of likes and more than 3,000 comments, all of which were from fans who were very excited for the new season to arrive. A majority of fans reacted to the teaser trailer as if they were a member of the Roy family, commenting with occasional swear words to emphasize their strong feelings and use GIFs from the show to illustrate their excitement.

Twitter user @edckbar showed their enthusiasm for the teaser by commenting on “LETS GOOOO” and incorporating a meme by Roman Roy smiling.

Similarly stoked “Succession” fan @ Ki_Ki92 also chose all the cap tensions and wrote “HOOK IT TO MY VEINS !!!!!!!”

As for @ Cheetara1986, they focused on Kendall’s role in the season 3 teaser and responded with “Kendall Roy is back, honey.”

Finally, it feels like Twitter user @goodwillfiction spoke for all of us with this anatomical answer: “Goosebumps are literally everywhere in my body.”

Wherever you look in the Twitter comments, fans are very excited to see “Succession” come back with revenge in season 3. It’s been way too long since we’ve had a proper Roy family drama. The desire to know if Kendall will finally win over Logan and, even better, if he can convince his siblings to help him, becomes even stronger thanks to this teaser. Fortunately, we do not have to wait long for season 3, because “Succession” premieres this fall on HBO Max.

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