TV can bring about social change

Actor Waseem Mushtaq, who plays the character Lalit Kashyap in the TV show ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’, says that roles like the one he plays in the show can bring about a positive change in society.

In the show, Lalit is portrayed as supportive of her wife and respectful of her decisions.

“There must be more such strong characters to educate our society on various social issues. This will definitely mean a positive change. Television has been a perfect medium for a long time now. I feel happy to be a part of it and contribute a little from my side as an actor, ”says the actor.

Waseem talks about his influential role in the show and says: “I play a very strong character who always stands for women’s rights and believes in gender equality. When marriage is considered a meaningful relationship, women and men should have equal rights and duties because they help create a safe environment for growth for all family members. Therefore, equality between husband and wife is always important in all aspects. ”

‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ is broadcast on MX Player.

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