Troops to stay in Afghanistan to evacuate Americans, Biden says; IMF blocks funds from Taliban

Afghanistan Crisis LIVE Updates: Reports of atrocities from the Taliban continued to come from warning-ton Afghanistan on Wednesday. In such an incident, at least three people died and 12 others were injured after Taliban fighters opened fire on a crowd of protesters in Jalalabad city. Meanwhile, the UEA confirmed yesterday that former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his family have been sheltered in the Emirates on “humanitarian grounds”. Three days after fleeing Afghanistan, Ghani said he was “in negotiations to return home,” AFP reported. Ashraf Ghani said he supported talks between the Taliban and former officials and denied allegations that he transferred large sums of money out of the country before fleeing to the United Arab Emirates. Ghani defended his decision to flee Kabul in light of the Taliban’s advance, describing it as the only way to prevent bloodshed. The events in Afghanistan are being closely observed across the globe; stay tuned to this LIVE blog for all the latest updates from Afghanistan.Read also – Afghanistan crisis: 3 dead, 12 injured when Taliban opened fire on protesters in Jalalabad | SHOCKING videos appear

8:30 a.m .: Biden says the deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops could be extended

US President Joe Biden has stated that he is obligated to keep US troops in Afghanistan until every American is evacuated, even if it means maintaining a military presence there beyond his August 31 withdrawal date.

7:45: ‘Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul with $ 169 million in cash’

Afghanistan’s ambassador to Tajikistan, Mohammad Zahir Agbar, has claimed that President Ashraf Ghani had “taken $ 169 million with him” when he fled Afghanistan. He called for Ghani to be arrested. Earlier, Russia’s diplomatic mission in Kabul had claimed that Ghani fled the country with vehicles full of cash.

7:36: Impossible to leave Afghanistan without chaos, says Biden

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that it had been impossible to leave Afghanistan without chaos when the US asked the Taliban to allow safe passage for people to flee.

7:18: No IMF resources for Afghanistan

The International Monetary Fund said Afghanistan would not be able to access the IMF’s resources, including a new allocation of special drawing rights, due to a lack of clarity on the recognition of its government after the Taliban took control of Kabul: Reuters

7:15: Ashraf Ghani returns to Afghanistan?

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says ‘in talks to return’ after fleeing: AFP news agency

7:10: Ghani releases video, 1st since fleeing Kabul

posted a video on his Facebook page late Wednesday confirming he was in the United Arab Emirates. He thanked Afghan security forces in his message, but also said that the “failure of the peace process” led to the Taliban shaking power.

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