Trolls 3 Release Date, Cast and Plot

No plot details about “Trolls 3” are available, but we do know that a third “Trolls” movement could take this world and these characters to some exciting places, narratively, going forward. The “Trolls World Tour” expanded the story beyond the world of Pop Trolls, home of Poppy and Branch. In the second movie, we followed this heroic Pop Troll duo as they tried to stop Barb, the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls, from taking all six magic light strings (each representing a different tribe of Trolls) and using them to spin them all the trolls of the world to mindless creatures who loved rock music. Along the way, Poppy and Branch met the members of the various troll tribes spread across five territories and learned how important it was to celebrate different kinds of trolls and their music.

Since Barb is no longer the enemy of poppy and branch (or the rest of the troll tribes for that matter), and the world is restored to its status quo, it’s time for a new adventure for Poppy and Co. show up. This means that the door is open for a new villain to arrive on stage or for a new, potentially world-changing event that will force the trolls to reunite in song to save the day.

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