Tips for Buying Prescription Sunglasses from Online Stores

If you are interested to buy right quality of sunglasses matching your personality, style and prescription then you need to have some prior knowledge. Since every pair of prescription sunglass are custom designed, you need to consider few issues that are involved. Lenses and frame materials are different and hence they have to be considered separately. Besides that, there are various measurements of your head and eyes required to get right fitting.

Therefore, following tips can help you to buy right kind of prescription sunglasses from any online supplier.

  1. Get your latest eye test report

Usually any eye test report is valid for only one year for a young person and for adults, it is two years. If your eye examination report is outdated then it is better to get your eye tested again and get the latest report. Also take a copy of the prescription as the details specified in prescription will help the supplier of sunglass.

  1. Measure your pupillary distance

In order to get right centering of the lenses in the sunglass ideally the pupillary distance is very important otherwise standard distance based on age and sex will be considered, which in some cases may not be optimum distance. This measurement your optometrists will note during your eye examination and you must send that report to the supplier.

  1. Select right frames

While selecting the frames following three factors need to be considered.

  1. Select the sunglass as well as the frame that will compliment your face and overall personality.
  2. Choose the right material, color and design of the frame
  3. Choose the right size of the frame so that you may not feel uncomfortable at all.

  1. Lens material must be as per prescription

Following are three different kinds of materials available for prescription sunglasses

  1. High index

This is very light and thin material out of all other varieties. Individuals with higher prescription or those who are in glamour industry can go for it.

  1. Polycarbonate

This material is recommended for children or sports people as it is impact resistant.

  1. Plastic

This is standard available lens

  1. Pay only for that you require with your special requirements

Prefer to pay price only that is required by you and avoid adding certain other features that suggested by supplier or anything that you do not need.

After having all your needs fully confirmed and all the clarifications of the suppliers answered, you can place your order.