This surprisingly comic actor played almost in the sixth sense

That’s right, the only Michael Cera actually auditioned for the role of Cole Sear in “The Sixth Sense”. And while we are all a little bummed we did not do it come to see Cera tell Bruce Willis about seeing dead people, we can also admit that it’s probably best as, well, who can imagine the actor delivering the fateful line with as much open-wounded sincerity as Osment?

In a 2009 interview with Esquire, even Cera admitted to everyone except that he could not have it, and jokingly told the publication that he would have completely read the tone of the project during his audition. “I auditioned for ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘ which I did not know was about seeing dead people, “he said. They did not mention it in the crash. After watching the movie and remembering the scene, they made me read … It was the scene with an ear. Bruce Willis says, ‘I can’t be your doctor anymore,’ and Haley Joel Osment starts crying and slips his ear over to him. It’s a very emotional scene. And I did not do it like that. I did it optimistically. I said ‘Some magic is right’ very optimistic. “

Looks like “The Sixth Sense” cast members should probably be to blame for not picking up Cera in the high drama of the scene he read, though they should also be praised for casting Haley Joel Osment instead. As for Cera, do not feel so bad for him, as things also worked quite well for that child.

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