This is where Sopranos fans think Janice went for 20 years

Magecatwitharrows wonders if Janice was a Rajneeshee. As in, a follower of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Indian spiritual guru and cult leader who founded the Rajneeshpuram community in rural Oregon in the early 1980s. The story of Rajneeshpuram is told in the gripping Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country” as well as an episode of the humorous story podcast “Dollop, “where the magecatwarrows learned about it.

The Rajneeshees quickly built a large city in the middle of nowhere and began to practice their common lifestyle, putting them in conflict with the region’s longtime residents. There were legal battles over land use, and a bombing of a Rajneeshee-owned hotel in Portland put the community at the forefront. Things escalated to the point where Rajneesh’s right-hand woman Ma Anand Sheela committed large-scale election fraud, coordinating a poisoning campaign at area restaurants that made hundreds of people sick with salmonella burned a county office building and planned to assassinate a federal prosecutor investigating the group. They served as a family with organized crime.

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