This is where really wrote all these pages in the shining

Anyone familiar with the work of the famous late director would not be surprised to hear that Stanley Kubrick was allegedly the one who wrote the type of film saying. One article from Mental Floss reveals that all 500 pages of the manuscript were not handled by the prop department due to the specific requirements.

The article explains that Kubrick’s typewriter “had built-in memory so it could have displayed the pages without an actual person.” However, the director was notorious string on set and reportedly made it difficult to work with him. Because of this no-nonsense persona, the article said that some argued that it would have been “characteristic of the instructor to prepare each page individually.”

It’s funny to say that “2001: A Space Oddity”, one of Kubrick’s most famous films, was the first lunar landing. The 1968 film was released a year before the moon landing, though fans will put fun on this saying: “Kubrick wanted it to look right, so they staged the scenes on the actual moon.”

With such a repertoire, it does not seem so crazy that the instructor chooses to write the same sentence over and over again.

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