Third ‘FashionGo Week’ scheduled for August – Headline 4 Ever

FashionGo, an online marketplace between businesses and companies, is hosting its third “FashionGo Week” online trade show from August 2nd to 6th.

FashionGo’s platform connects more than 1,500 suppliers with 820,000 retail buyers throughout the year to facilitate trade for both groups. Participants can attend the event for free.

FashionGo was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles.

The FashionGo market has experienced significant growth as an online trade show. New registered FashionGo buyers increased by 180 percent in August 2020 around the first FashionGo week compared to the year before and increased by 160 percent in February 2021 around the second FashionGo week.

“Our focus is to fill the gaps in the industry and deliver solutions that will benefit both suppliers and buyers today and beyond. This is one of the reasons why we created FashionGo Week, ”said Paul Lee, CEO of NHN Global, parent company of FashionGo. “We have been successful in identifying the real needs and challenges facing the industry. Utilizing our expertise and experience, we work quickly to deliver solutions and remain invaluable to our current and future customers. ”

Some of the exhibitors at the upcoming show will be Cello Jean, Oddi, Adelyn Rae, Timin, In Loo and Stivalli.

Among the features of the show is “Watch and Shop”, a livestream shopping experience that allows attendees to see their favorite vendors, chat and shop new seasonal products in real time. They can also use data-driven analysis of bestsellers through “Best of Best” during the show and obtain the exact products they need with the visual search features of Style Match +.


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