Things only adults notice in monsters in the workplace

Not only is Tylor a Scare Major graduate from Monsters University, but he has the talent to match Sulley’s scary abilities –– and truly, that’s his only skill outside of college. He’s a hot item brought to the major leagues shortly after graduation – yet his dreams are dashed by his arrival, and the series pulls no shots back on the higher education system.

Tylor goes to school to be scary, just to be a mechanic. Val Little (Mindy Kaling), Tylor’s one-time classmate and new “best friend”, even makes a joke about student loan debt and how Tylor should have a lot since he actually completed his degree. Val also funny shines a light on the fact that she dropped out of college while he was graduating –– yet they end up working in the same place.

A common criticism of college is that it does not prepare students for the real world, not to mention the fact that jobs and professions can change drastically once a student finishes school. In Tylor’s case, his industry is changing, yet he has a very refined – albeit limited – skill. He realizes that he needs more training to be successful in his field, so he starts taking comedy lessons to hopefully one day work permanently on the Laugh Floor. This may seem like a minor obstacle for younger eyes, but it is a problem that goes back to the real world for adults.

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