There should be no shame attached to the word ‘condom’

Actor Abhishek Banerjee, who plays a central role in the upcoming condom comedy ‘Helmet’, says that the idea of ​​making such a family entertainer with a subtle message is to change the conversation around the taboo attached to the word ‘condom’ in everyday life.

Abhishek said: “I do not think the word ‘condom’ is an insulting or vulgar word. I am not saying that one should use the word unnecessarily just to sound cool or progressive, but the taboo and the discomfort associated with it. that, should go away.When it comes to a family entertainer, we usually and very deliberately avoid certain genres of movies for the viewing of the family, which is understandable.But the idea is to normalize the word and talk about it, just like the way we try to do with menstruation and sanitary napkins. ”

He added: “The discomfort of asking for a pack of condoms from the store owner in a medical store is so much that men sometimes avoid buying a condom. It should be stopped. In a humorous way, our film ‘Helmet’ tries to say that. The shame associated with words like ‘condom’ and ‘hygiene pillow’ should disappear. “

‘Helmet’ is directed by Satram Ramani and also features Aparshakti Khurana, Pranutan Bahl, Ashish Verma and Sharib Hashmi.

Asked about his character in the movie and Abhishek said: “The name of my character is sultan who has zero balance in his account. When he had to repay his loan, he decides with his friends to steal a truck and only later did they realize “that the truck is full of boxes of condoms. Now the story starts from how they sell these condoms among people.”

Produced by Dino Morea, ‘Helmet’ will be released on ZEE5 on September 3rd.

– By Arundhuti Banerjee

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