The world’s finest release date, characters and plot of the assassin

Lugh is an old man in his original world and is a skilled assassin who decides to retire and teach the next generation of agents. But even with his intense loyalty to the company, his employers no longer see him as a threat and kill him as he flies back from his last mission. After death, Lugh meets the goddess, who gives him the opportunity to be reincarnated in another world without memory or other connection to this version of himself, or he can preserve his memories and enter a magical world to complete a mission for her.

Lugh wants to take control of his own life again and goes with the second option, and soon enough he is an aristocratic son with magic and a family of assassins. While finding loyal allies in Dia, Tarte, and Maha, Lugh discovers that the “hero” destined to destroy the world is a 14-year-old girl named Epona who will only help free the world from demons. . Knowing what she’s going to be, can Lugh forget the teenage girl he’s meeting now and get the job done? Or will Lugh end up saving the life of the girl he has to kill?

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