The Untold Truth Of Jenna Fischer

In episode 43 of their podcast “Office Ladies,” Jenna Fischer brought up to her co-host Angela Kinsey that she auditioned for the role of Sydney Bristow on the television series “Alias.” The role was eventually given to Jennifer Garner and the show made her a star. Hilariously, Kinsey seemed dubious of this claim, saying, “It was a very athletic role … you’re not the most athletic person. She had to do all kinds of kicks, flip over things.” An indignant Fischer moved on from Kinsey doubting her, because the actual reason she didn’t get the role was horrible.

Fischer said, “So I went in and I read for the role and my … scene that I had to audition with. [It] was this really emotional, dramatic scene where I’m crying, I think, like about my mother. And it was super intense. And the feedback that my agent got was like, Jenna blew us away. We absolutely loved it. Her scene was, she just did a great job. We’re gonna pass on her because we just unfortunately don’t think she’s hot enough. That was my feedback.” 

Happily, all of this was followed by Fischer and Kinsey discussing their idea of doing a mom detectives show where they went around and solved “very, very minor crimes.” Of course, if Fischer had gotten the “Alias” role, she never would have had a shot at being Pam Beesly. But given she was later in a celebrity softball game, Fischer had plenty of athleticism to play that role!

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