The truth about this NCIS: New Orleans Wardrobe Flub

Fans of “NCIS: New Orleans” may have noticed that the protagonist Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) and a few other agents place their handguns in small holsters. While this may seem like a realistic imitation of actual law enforcement, this may be more of a mistake, given where most officers on duty wrap their weapons. For example in a official directive for the Chicago Police Department, holsters for officers must be worn attached to a pair of trousers or equipment belt parallel to the leg.

This type of casing rule for law enforcement may have to do with the many setbacks that a casing on the back can provide. In a Idaho State Journal article from a hidden pistol instructor, the type of holster worn by Pride on “NCIS: New Orleans” would make it awkward to draw and very uncomfortable to sit with as it pushes the weapon closer to the spine. But the biggest reason it is avoided is the potential danger it poses to the gun owner. As an article from Police 1 highlighted, if a person with a small holster falls down, they can damage their spine on the gun hammer. In addition to the obvious pain, it can also cause paralysis. So while Pride’s holster may have looked appropriate for the camera, it’s not really practical.

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