The surprisingly original titles that we almost had for friends

“Friends” is the brainchild of creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who reworked almost every aspect of it somehow before the premiere. The title of the show was no exception, originally set up as “Insomnia Cafe” according to Factify. Subsequently, this is not the most inappropriate choice in the world, especially given the importance of the Central Perk coffee shop as a common option. However, when NBC bought the pilot, Crane and Kauffman wound up the name “Friends Like Us”. On paper, this idea made sense, but it sounded way too much like another sitcom that aired on ABC at the time, “These My Friends.”

At this point, the pilot was about to be shot, and everyone was under the impression that “Six of One” was the final choice. As you can imagine, it didn’t quite hold up either and sent everyone back to the drawing board again. As mentioned by Screen Rant, then-NBC president Warren Littlefield recommended “Across the Hall” as a replacement, but with his debut approaching, it was decided that “Friends” would be the official title. Sure enough, this is the opportunity Crane, Kauffman, and the folks at NBC went with for good, and the rest is history.

Looking back, one has to wonder if the program would have started without the name “Friends”. Maybe it would still have found a huge success thanks to the talented cast, the overall, or maybe it would not have caught and ended up stranded in the short-lived sitcom cemetery. We never really know for sure, but suffice it to say, everything back and forth worked best.

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