The surprising price Rick paid for cannon smuggling books about peasant stars

IN this episode, a salesman named Anthony enters the store with something very unique – a collection of World War II arms smuggling books. Not really books at all, though a craftsman had shaped two pieces of wood to look like books and used their hollow centers to smuggle weapons from Germany to the United States. The “books” also came with an official letter from the U.S. Army informing the owner that the guns had been confiscated.

While this piece of WWII history is certainly an interesting find, according to Rick Harrison, the relics are simply not that valuable. Anthony had hoped to get $ 600 for the items he had found while helping a friend clean his home. However, Anthony (perhaps foolishly) asked Rick to mention his price, Rick only offered $ 50 for the fake books. After some talk, however, the eager owner was able to come slightly more – $ 65 to be exact.

Many eager salespeople come in gold and silver in hopes of walking away with an impressive payday. Yet, as this interaction shows, the experts may not agree, even if a seller thinks it is very worthwhile.

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