The Streamer That Over 21% Of People Want Gone

The streamer that the most fans wanted to ditch his account was one of the best-known content creators in the game: Ninja. Slightly over 21% of gamers have decided they had seen enough of the blue-haired streamer with his own signature “Fortnite” skin. Between Hollywood appearances and massive streaming contracts, Ninja has made headlines both in the world of gaming and outside of it.

However, the successful streamer, who has over 16 million followers on Twitch, has made plenty of comments that rubbed fans the wrong way or made him seem out of touch with his base. An unfortunate rant against taxes prompted a response from Shroud, and sponsored products such as his Adidas sneakers have elicited mixed reactions. While Ninja has plenty of fans who love everything he does, bad habits like rage quitting and bragging about his wealth have given the haters plenty of reasons to continue disliking him.

Right behind Ninja was another iconic streamer, Pokimane. While Pokimane doesn’t have the same reputation for controversy as some of the other names on SVG’s poll, she is a very visible streamer with more than 7.8 million followers on Twitch alone. It looks like not everyone is a fan of Pokimane’s style of streaming, however, as nearly 19% of gamers would like to see her shut down her account and stop streaming. It’s unclear if these votes have anything to do with Pokimane’s previous feuds with other creators.

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